Friday, November 4, 2011

It's been a long time

bustier : vintage
belt as scarf : vintage
tutu skirt : my sister's
shoes : June and Julia

Hello everyone :)
Just like the title, it's been a really long time ago since my last post on this blog
It's because I've already graduated from high school,
and now I'm taken communication science at the local university.
So yeah, I've been so busy adapting myself to continue life in college.
I took these pictures long time ago too.
Post it all today because I'm pretty much leisure time.
But I think the quality of the picture is not good, I took it all by my cellphone, no camera *sigh*
Promise, that I will take a better picture next time :) 
Oh guys, if you like to wear high heels in a comfort way, I recommend you to buy some of June and Julia collections. I bought my shoes long time ago from their website.
It's 14.5 centimetres high with a 5 centimetres platform, but feel no pain when I wear it for hours.
I can't think twice to not bring them home when I saw it on their website :P

Check on their new collections here.
Have a nice day everyone :D
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