Monday, June 10, 2013

Good People, Good Food | Giveaway Winner

Thrifted Top, Leopard Skirt, and Tassel Clutch | La Dulce Necklace |  The Little Closet Shoes 

Beloved people! ♥

Went to Hachi Hachi Bistro at Central Park Mall to satisfy our craving for sushi 2 weeks ago. But I still want more sushi! Gotta plan for another "Sushi Day" with friends or family soon.

Well, for my outfit, it turns out that my love for earthy and neutral colors lasted longer than I expected. Maybe you guys have seen me in black and white stripes before here :) This time I tried to combine black and brown.
And, yeah, leopard is my first choice!
I don't know since when I fall in love with almost anything in leopard, but Jessica always said, "wow, you really love anything in leopard, huh!" I just feel that leopard print gives a fierce yet elegant impression. So, call me addicted, but maybe I will continuously add new leopard prints into my closet.

The winners of #LaDulce1st Anniversary Giveaway are...

1. Punk style bangle:
Debitania Refliani

2. Flower collar necklace:
Vivi Kwang

Congratulations! La Dulce Shop will contact you via e-mail as soon as possible :)
Thank you everyone for your participation! :)
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