Thursday, October 16, 2014

Daily Make Up Essential

Have you ever really eager to dress up but feel very lazy to put any make up on?
Well, I feel you :")

Make up always been girls' best friend but sometimes I feel not in the mood to wear make up, even when I'm traveling out of town. Ever since then, I always bring my sunnies to cover up half of my face! Very useful to hide your eyes with no make up on. No doubt for it, right? And the best part of it is you'll still look presentable and stylish as well. Say YEAY for the win-win solution!

But, then.. you know you can't wear sunnies everyday and everywhere you go right? That's why I also wear make up for my daily activities at college or to hang out with friend around the town. I always choose for natural-and-friendly-themed make up to accompany me everyday. I never wear eye shadow and not really into it except when I go to a party or anything formal. 

Another confession from me about make up: Shopping for make up at the mall can take a lot of time! Do you agree with me? 

If yes, than I have a solution for you! Just discover that Zalora Indonesia have a huge collection of make up to complete your collection! It's on the beauty section!
I can now feel relieved when my make up is running out because I can purchase it from Zalora anywhere at anytime. You should try to head over to Zalora Indonesia or simply click here to browse all of their make up collection with many popular brand!

Here are my daily make up essential that I wear almost everyday and thank God, I can find them on Zalora Indonesia!

Hope my daily make up essential suit you well and is it okay if I give you bonus? Yes? Okay, then here are selfie(s) of me wearing my make up :)

Have a nice day! XOXO

Fifi Kusuma

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Suit Up for Fall!

With Fall just around the corner, some of you might be wondering what should your boyfriend or best guy friend wear during the fall? The answer is SUIT UP for Fall!

Who can deny the harmony between autumn leaves and wool suits, tweed blazers or even tuxedos? They are unbelievably made for each other to go hand-in-hand with crisp fall weather. presents The Fall 2014 Men's Suit Collection inspired by the early British rock invasion style, before they were all glam rock stars. Mick Jagger before he went big played a major part in the inspiration, this was all when he was still a lad. Other bands in their early days played a major role as well such as Kinks, early Who, and Screaming Lord Sutch. made their signature Italian wool Foundation suit even better this fall with brand new fabrics and updated interior details, including a more ergonomic interior pocket so grabbing that business card will be easier and definitely smooth. A finely-tailored wool suit is warm on its own, but adding a topcoat into the mix can be done as well. All of the suits come in Standard and Slim fits, and Short, Regular and Tall sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your beloved ones.

I believe, the newest Tuxedo in Navy and Black would make the perfect look this Fall, too!
Head over to and grab the new fall Man's Suit Collection before they run out of stock.

Enjoy the Fall!

Fifi Kusuma

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

La Dulce Happy Necklace and Bracelet

Just a random shoot that was taken long time ago. I've been quite busy with college stuffs lately. And I feel a little bit stressful finding and applying intern to my dream company. The fact is... I still don't know which company I'd love to work with in the future. I don't know if my dream company will accept me or not. *sigh*
 Hope everything will be alright and my internship will goes well too :')

Anyway, sorry for abandoning this blog for  a long time! Will be posting new post about INDONESIA FASHION WEEK 2014 soon. Please bear with me and kindly wait for the next post :D

Have a nice day!

Fifi Kusuma

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014


The biggest fashion movement in Indonesia is finally back with with a concept to promote Indonesian fashion, which takes pride and distinctive characteristics that led to achievement. This concept
underlies the birth of Local Movement: an invitation to love and love Indonesian local product.

This time, just like last year, the event will be held on Feb 20th - Feb 23rd, 2014 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).  Make sure you guys come and be a witness of the biggest fashion event in Indonesia which had many awesome booths and local brand participating, complete fashion exhibition, seminars and competitions.

FP  :  Fashion Show Parade | FS  :  Fashion Show | PC  :  Press Conference
(Picture taken from

For more information, simply go to Indonesia Fashion Week's Official Website,  Official Facebok, and Official Twitter.

Last year on IFW 2013
Read my first experience attending Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 here.
See you there! :)

 X O X O,

Fifi Kusuma

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Welcoming Year of the H-o-o-orse!

So in love with the skirt ♥

EZRA Top (via Zalora) | Mom's DIY Skirt | La Dulce Bag and Necklace | Karen&Chloe Shoes

Went out with my family last Sunday to celebrate Chinese New Year day 3 and I wore a Mandarin Collar Top which look alike cheongsam. Chose the maroon color which still belongs to the group of red color, the color that is believed in Chinese tradition can bring blessings, good luck, and prosperity also to cast out demons and evil spirits.
Paired it with brown midi flare skirt made by mom (again) and fall in love with it since the first sight. She's so talented and I swear I want to wear every piece of clothing that she made! Mom really knows what I love and she can make my dream outfit comes true ;) Thank you so much, Mommy!  
Beloved Daddy
In case you guys are wondering, my daddy is wearing glasses from La Dulce ;)

Beloved Mommy

Beloved Sister
Gong Xi Fa Cai from Chiu Family :)
May the horse year brings a lot of happiness, good health, good fortune, good wealth, and prosperity for each and everyone of you.

What did you do on Chinese (Lunar) New Year? Any plans for Cap Go Meh? Share the thoughts below ;)

X O X O,

Fifi Kusuma

Friday, January 31, 2014

Back in Time

  Today is the end of January, but may I take you guys to travel back in time to the most beautiful time of the year?

Beloved parents, my most precious treasure.
Beloved sister, the best friend of my life

 Those are some pictures I and my family took on Christmas Day in front of a Christmas tree at Kota Kasablanka. It has not been posted before, so I manage the time to post it today as a throwback post.
While writing this post, I was accompanied by a customizable canning label from KiDECALS.

 KiDECALS is a company specialized in making removable decals for walls and other surfaces to create a decorative, hand painted look in an instant! KiDECALS also makes cool name labels that can be customized as you wish. It is easily attached to all your stuff and is totally washable! Their newest product, keycals, has featured on the Today show, in People Style Watch, and the Emmy Celebrity Gift Bags.  KiDECALS have more than 120 styles of labels and over 35 different designs of keyboard stickers.

I was attracted to one of their customizable canning label called Christmas Tree while browsing their collection. A set of Christmas Tree label was customized by me to greet you guys a jolly Merry Christmas :) Definitely late post, huh? That's why I link this post with my previous Christmas outfit post here.

 I attach the label to my laptop and mobile phone as they are my favorite things that I use most often. The label is my third favorite, so I make them all into a herd. Turns out they compliment each other perfectly, no? ;)

My sister insists that her nails are better than mine. So, yeah... meet my sister's hand, lol!

KiDECALS specially offers 15% discount for you guys. All you have to do is apply the discount code at the end of the check out process.

Discount code: fashion

 Make sure to check out KiDECALS website here as they have many useful products to add personal style to the functional aspects of your everyday life. Also, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Maybe KiDECALS' product can be a perfect gift for your loved ones! ;)
For more information about the latest product, get connected to KiDECALS on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Mom's DIY Top | Inspired by Luce Rose Headband

 Till the next post guys :)


Fifi Kusuma
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