Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Most Beautiful Time of the Year

The Christmas vibe has gained and reached all over the world. I really wish for snow while taken these photos. Never mind, let's enjoy Christmas in Summer!  Here is the Christmas outfit from where I live, a country with no winter.

Top from Gede Bage Thrift Store | Mom's DIY Skirt | La Dulce Accessories and Clutch | Sox Gallery Socks | Valentina Meiliyana Shoes

Let me wish you guys a..

Have a jolly Christmas among beloved people. May you have a joyous and peaceful days filled with blessings, hope, and love. Happy holiday! :))

 With love,

Fifi Kusuma


  1. Chic christmas <3

    anyway, thank you for dropped by my blog & your lovely comment :)
    enjoy my blog by follow on GFC or Google+
    keep in touch :D

    Mr. Rebel in Town

    1. thank you, Kak Fahad <3
      followed you on GFC and bloglovin', mind to follow back? :))

  2. Lovely skirt! You look amazing!


  3. I love your outfit! Your style is so chic and classy~~ following you now on bloglovin and gfc!! ^^ did I just hear wrong!? You want snow! D: ugh.. I wish I was living where you are now because I'm tired of the snow! :P Have a great new years!xx

    Chic Nikkie


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