Saturday, April 20, 2013


"The present and the past coexist, but the past shouldn't be in flashback." - Alain Resnais

Back in February 16th, I was given an opportunity to attend Indonesia Fashion Week. Thanks a lot to my friend, Aurellia, for the invitation :))
Indonesia Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in Indoensia. This year, the event was held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) from 14-17 February 2013. I got the chance to attend one of many fashion shows with a theme Rhythm Jouissance. Rhythm Jouissance is a fashion parade by many Indonesian talented designers. I was really impressed by every piece of their collection! It's like I want all of them in my closet :D

Look at Daniel Mananta! ;)

I'm sorry for the not-so-good photo quality. All photos were taken by a pocket camera which battery was dead in the middle of the show. Lesson learned, I will bring back up battery for my camera to an important event next time. Wish to have another opportunity to attend such a huge and amazing event later :) Till that time, I will try to improve my photography skills and get the best position at the event to take better quality photos!

With Aurellia
With Regina

 Unbranded blazer & top | New Look skirt & belt | La Dulce necklace | Thrifted clutch from China | ICONinety9 shoes

For my outfit, the blazer and the floral dress (worn as top) are what I wore 2 years ago on my birthday lunch ;) Though they are my old collection, I always find an excuse not to throw it away. I just fall in love with the floral details on th every time I saw them in my closet. And I love the cropped blazer which can be worn for almost every occasions and situations. So, the day before I went to IFW, I thought of pairing it with a flare skirt from New Look. Don't you think they suit each other? :)

Me, 2 years ago!

I can't believe time goes by so fast, I will be 20 years old this October! The physical may grow mature and older, but I wish I can always keep a forever-young heart, lol :D

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