Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Belated Halloween!

My everything!

Had a Saturdate dinner with my mom last Saturday at sushimise, a fusion sushi restaurant located at Living World, Alam Sutera. It's really a pleasure to enjoy a dinner with my dearest one and I enjoy the moment, so much! Been a long time since I had a high quality time with her. Therefore, I'm really grateful for the moment and the chit-chat we had along the dinner.
And, finally, my cravings for sushi have been fulfilled! Just look at the pictures and let them convince you on how tasteful they are :)

Marvelous Dancer! Woop woop!

After dinner, we went straightly to Sky Garden, Level 2, Living World. An event called "Hallo-WIN Night Out Party" to celebrate Halloween was held there. There are performance from Saykoji, DJ Delizious Devina, Flashmob by b-boy, and other awesome performers, such as beat box, live band, and dance competition. Attending the Halloween party to give cheers to my beloved sister, Elvi, as one of the performers. Elvi and her friend, Vicky, teamed up as Marvelous dancer to enliven the party with a Halloween-themed dance performance. Even though I didn't attend the event until the end, I enjoy being there and the free RIP cupcake from Mom's Cake be my favorite desserts. Overall, I'm really amazed by all of the Halloween costume competition participants. Two thumbs up for totality of their costumes which really are impressive!

Emily and Me

Anyway, my outfit got featured on WhatIWear.com by one of their crew which also my cousin. Since I didn't got the chance to took outfit pictures, you can see my one-and-only outfit pictures taken by Finley Susanto here. So, HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN :))

Thrifted Hat | Blazer bought from Anastasia Siantar at Autumn Wipe Out | Avenue Skirt | Clutch from China | Charles & Keith Heels


  1. Love your outfit dear :D


  2. Love your hair style,suit you really well!
    Yummy food!
    Just followed you on GFC 65 , would you mind to follow back?
    xoxo ANITA


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