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Fashion is You

Fashion is You is an event by Galeries Lafayette Jakarta which certified by MURI as Indonesia biggest fashion show. The second edition of the show was held on October 26th 2013 featuring only non professionals. 200 participants was chosen and got a chance to experience becoming a real professional model who walked on the 170 meters long red carpet in a one hour show and be witnessed by the public. First, all the participants had to choose one style among the three available categories: Mixology, Smokey Rock, and Cocktail Time

 After thinking over and over again for some time, I ventured to enter the competition by uploading a picture of my Smokey Rock style to the website. To represent Smokey Rock style, I choose a Monochromatic look which I post on the blog some time ago. To see the complete look, click here.

Day after day went by where I live a day without expectation. Actually, I almost forgot about the competition until one day I received an e-mail from Galeries Lafayette that my look was selected! I was really surprised to read the e-mail. Many thoughts running around in my head, my heart beat faster, and I really do not have a clue of the event which will take place at the end of the week (after I receive my e-mail). It was a great pleasure that makes me extremely excited for the show.

Irwan Team (left-red shirt) | Lancome make-up artists (right-black shirt)
Semi-finished make up
Smokey Rock-style hairdo

All the participants had to attend the event from 9am to 8pm and I managed to arrive at Pacific Place Jakarta at 8.30am. During the show, we will be provided make up by LANCĂ”ME make-up artists and hair do by IRWAN TEAM hairdesign at a giant backstage. I really like the make up and hair do given by the professional team. I look very different, because in fact, I never thought a smokey look will suit me, either make up or hair do. I ever tried using black eye shadow to create a smokey look, but in the end I will remove them. Maybe I have to learn how to use eye shadow properly. But, I definitely love the final look of the make over, I really do! 

With Gabriella Olivia from The Lunatic Pink Monster
Early dinner provided by The Goods Cafe•
Spaghetti and Meatbals, YUMMY!

After all preparations complete, from make up, hair do, and short catwalk lesson given by the professional model, we straightly went to an area outside of Galeries Lafayette to get a briefing from the team. We were told that there were 4 judges who will judge our performance at this even. They are Biyan Wanaatmadja, Ria Lirungan, and Fira Basuki. Biyan is an Indonesian well-known fashion designer. Ria Lirungan is known as editor-in-chief for Harper's Bazaar and Hair Ideas Magazine. Fira Basuki is known as editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan Magazine. It's so thrilling to know that the judges are people who are experts in the field of fashion. There were also several leading fashion magazine and fashion online media portals who will cover the event. 

Next, we were also told about the sequence of the show. It's very important for the continuity of the event to run smoothly, therefore all the participants were given time to rehearsal for the last time before the show begins at 6.30pm. Surprisingly met Gabriella Olivia and it was a pleasant moment to take a picture with her because she was very friendly in person!

After rehearsal, all the participants had an early dinner provided by The Goods Cafe• and thereafter, retouch our makeup and hairdo. Finally, it's show time!

The youngest participant of the event with her Mixology style
With Kak June Paski from JP
With Geje
With Kak Fahad from Mr. Rebel in Town
With Cathy from Petiteness

The host opening the show to the public by introducing all the jurys and Galeries Lafayette representatives receiving MURI records as Indonesia biggest fashion show. The fashion show begins with the first sequence where all the Mixology participants walk on the red carpet one by one to be judged by the jury. The second sequence is the turn of Smokey Rock participants and the third sequence is for Cocktail Time participants.

Honestly, my leg cramps after finishing my turn and I felt like I was walking like a penguin with an awkward expression when posing in front of the jury. Oh, well... at least, I gave it my best shot that night, a night where I risked myself in such event without having any previous experience. And I love how I can met new amazing people in my life. Kak June Paski, Kak Fahad, Cathy, and Geje were truly friendly in person as I get the opportunity to discuss a few things with them and they were graciously willing to talk to me. Congratulations Cathy and Geje for chosen as two of nine best looks by the jury! Congratulations to the first winner who have the chance to get a flight return ticket to Paris!

With Stephanie
With Elvi
With Kezia
With Christine

Special thanks to Stephanie who came to the show and made me so surprised with your unpredictable presence. You definitely made my night, I'm so touched.! Thank you to my sister, Elvi, my cousin, Christine, and also Kezia for coming and becoming impromptu photographer during the show. Thank you so much to you guys for coming through a long way to give me support :') Also, thank you to my virtual friend, Gosia Mikos, for your endless support during the voting time. Your support from far away country is priceless for me!

The fact that I didn't win the competition didn't make me feel disappointed at all for I join the competition without expecting anything in returns. I just wanted to experience new things in my life that I will treasure throughout my life. And through this event, I feel that persist in the comfort zone will not get you anywhere, therefore you should try to get out of the comfort zone and give it a try to something new. Well, who knows it might bring the best version of you and take you to a whole new perspective of life. If it fails, at least you have dared to try, so you've gotta get up and learn from the past. If it successful, you deserve it for you have given the best on it.

"You've gotta get up and try"
                      - Pink

All the participants got a goodie bag from Cosmopolitan Magazine containing voucher from Galeries Lafayette and a cute Paris bracelet from Paris Jolie. At least, I got my little Paris wrapped up on my wrist. It motivates me to work real hard to chase the real Paris in the future.

Anyway, try to spot me in the video :)
(Again, sorry for the sullen-awkward expression and the penguin-walk look alike!)

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