Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Brightspot Market 2013

 Unknown Blazer and Top | La Dulce Necklace | Esprit Bag (Jessica's) | Karen&Chloe Shoes

 Got an invitation to attend the opening night of Brightspot Market at Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta last November. Brightspot Market is a curated market of all things cool. It's their 10th edition (#Brightspot10) and my first time ever being invited to the private opening night which held on November 7, the day before Brightspot Market officially open for public from November 8 till November 10.
On November 7, only those with invitations were allowed to attend the event and the first opportunity to shop till drop before everyone does the next three days. 

Meet Emily, partner of the day!
Cutie ♥

Not only fashion stuffs, here, you can also find good food that will satisfied your appetite. Full belly before shopping is a must, happy tummy means happy day. Who's agree with me? Raise your hand!

Source of energy throughout the day!
Who can resist this sweetie pie?

What a tiring yet super fun day! Seriously, if you guys are looking for cool stuffs, this is an event you should not miss. Really worthy to attend the event next year, see you at Brightspot Market 11th edition!

Have a great day :)

Fifi Kusuma


  1. Beautiful outfit and great photos!
    & Happy new year! :)


  2. waa! Love the cardigan~~

    1. whhooops! I mean blazer! hehe sorry~



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