Friday, March 20, 2015

Flower in the Dark

Forever 21 Top | Uniqlo Skirt | La Dulce Necklace and Stocking | Selkius Maxwel Shoes | Unbranded Clutch

The title of this post kinda inspired by my skirt that makes me think, "it's amazing that flowers can look extremely beautiful even in the dark." Somehow I also think that we should be like flowers who look beautiful even we are going through hard times in our lives. Be beautiful in your own way. No need to compete with others. Because just like flowers, they are all beautiful no matter what type of flower you see. And people always have preferences over their favorite flowers. So, keep blooming beautifully and let them in awe.

Oh, it's a throwback post anyway. It was what I wore to Indonesia Fashion Week 2014. I think it will be wasted if I don't post the picture on my blog ;)

Have a nice weekend,

Fifi Kusuma

1 comment:

  1. beautiful outfit. =)
    maybe you have loss to follow up and follow back?
    would be happy.
    love greetings Sümi


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