Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lavender Love

Spent my summer holiday last month on Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung. It's an island of my childhood and I will never ever get bored of having a short escape there. The beach is not oh-so-fantastic actually, but the coral reef is. If you ever want to have a calm summer holiday, try Tanjung Putus because it's located from the hustle of the city. Besides you can go snorkeling or canoeing err-day and err-time (if you want to). I personally never want to miss the snorkeling part. Will tell you more about my trip on the next post and it's coming real soon (I promise)!

PS: took all of the photos only using my phone, hence I'm sorry for the low quality.

Anyway, how do you usually spend your summer holiday? I am a beach kinda girl and would never say no to beach. Are you with me? Kindly let me know on the comment below :)


Fifi Kusuma

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  1. wow so great pictures and so great outfit =D


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