An ordinary girl who was born on October 29th, 1993. Currently a student of Multimedia Nusantara University, majoring in Public Relations. Forever a dreamer and (hopefully) soon to be a full-time blogger.

Talking about my blog, I don't remember when I start to blog, likely around mid-2011. But it's my very first experience of writing online and I would like to make this blog as my personal diary. Therefore, the diary will contains anything related to my life around my favorite people and some things, like fashion, food, and traveling.

About fashion, I love fashion a lot. I can't really describe my style, because I wear what I like. What I wear based on my mood but I do love wearing comfortable-yet-eye-catching stuffs! My inspiration of fashion comes from people around me, fashion bloggers, models, and fashion designers.

About food, I am a fan of delicious food! Love to try traditional food in new places while traveling and I definitely can't say no to dessert so when someone asks me "What you gonna do with that dessert?", Imma simply eat them all! HAHA

About traveling, I can't deny that beautiful places are so enchanting. My dream is to visit every beautiful places around the world with my beloved ones. Wish it can be true!

Enjoy reading my diary while sipping a cup of coffee ;)


Fifi Kusuma

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