Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summer Getaway in Tanjung Putus

As I said on the previous post, I spent my Eid al-Fitr holiday last July in Tanjung Putus Island, Lampung with my family. We went there almost every year since I was a kid and truth be told, the island never made me feel bored after all this time. Call me an island girl, because I'm a sucker for beautiful quiet beach and this one in Tanjung Putus is definitely on top of my list.

Moreover, Tanjung Putus also has a very wonderful underwater life to be explored. I can go snorkeling anytime, no limit, as often as I want. Also I can canoeing around the villa too to enjoy the scenery where mountains and sea collide. For you who would like to have a calming and lazy holiday, I personally recommend Tanjung Putus Island for you. Here you can enjoy your free high quality time away from the city crowd with your loved ones.

Oh, no need to worry about the food during your stay in Tanjung Putus Island. Even it's located far from the city, the villa where I stayed will give their guest the privilege to taste the seafood fresh from the ocean. You can even go mussel hunting or squid fishing in front of the villa in the afternoon until late evening. The mussel and squid will then be cooked by the chef in charge. Don't think the chef in this villa will be looked like the chef in a five star hotel, because it's definitely not the same. The chef is also the contact person if you have any further inquiries regarding your stay in Tanjung Putus Island.

Contact Person:
 Ms. Lily
Kindly watch the video diary I took during my 3 days 2 nights trip. You can get a glimpse of how life's going in Tanjung Putus as well as the delicious food and short footage of the underwater life. Prepare to drool over the coral reef, yes, the coral reef (besides the food, of course). ↓↓

Underwater Video by Handy Sunjaya (click for more video!)

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