Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Welcoming Year of the H-o-o-orse!

So in love with the skirt ♥

EZRA Top (via Zalora) | Mom's DIY Skirt | La Dulce Bag and Necklace | Karen&Chloe Shoes

Went out with my family last Sunday to celebrate Chinese New Year day 3 and I wore a Mandarin Collar Top which look alike cheongsam. Chose the maroon color which still belongs to the group of red color, the color that is believed in Chinese tradition can bring blessings, good luck, and prosperity also to cast out demons and evil spirits.
Paired it with brown midi flare skirt made by mom (again) and fall in love with it since the first sight. She's so talented and I swear I want to wear every piece of clothing that she made! Mom really knows what I love and she can make my dream outfit comes true ;) Thank you so much, Mommy!  
Beloved Daddy
In case you guys are wondering, my daddy is wearing glasses from La Dulce ;)

Beloved Mommy

Beloved Sister
Gong Xi Fa Cai from Chiu Family :)
May the horse year brings a lot of happiness, good health, good fortune, good wealth, and prosperity for each and everyone of you.

What did you do on Chinese (Lunar) New Year? Any plans for Cap Go Meh? Share the thoughts below ;)

X O X O,

Fifi Kusuma


  1. new look a, so pretty laa..
    thumbs up for the gorgeous skirt ♥♥
    happy chinese new year! :))

  2. Lovely outfit, i love how you goof around with your fam :)


  3. hi sweety, so lovely outfit! skirt is so amazing and it looks great with red blouse! breathtaking!
    i don't celebrate chinese new year but i wish you all the best :) your family looks so amazing!
    oh and i love widgets to computer from your lasts post! lovely!

    follow you, xoxo
    anecia & roses ♥ blog

  4. Chic outfit xx
    Anyway want to follow each other? Will follow you back directly ;)


  5. beautiful skirt and bag dear ;D


  6. pretty look!!
    so feminine and classy, darla =D
    love your skirt so much..
    happy chinese new year too !

    want to follow each other to be friend?


  7. Loves all your stuff !



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