Thursday, October 16, 2014

Daily Make Up Essential

Have you ever really eager to dress up but feel very lazy to put any make up on?
Well, I feel you :")

Make up always been girls' best friend but sometimes I feel not in the mood to wear make up, even when I'm traveling out of town. Ever since then, I always bring my sunnies to cover up half of my face! Very useful to hide your eyes with no make up on. No doubt for it, right? And the best part of it is you'll still look presentable and stylish as well. Say YEAY for the win-win solution!

But, then.. you know you can't wear sunnies everyday and everywhere you go right? That's why I also wear make up for my daily activities at college or to hang out with friend around the town. I always choose for natural-and-friendly-themed make up to accompany me everyday. I never wear eye shadow and not really into it except when I go to a party or anything formal. 

Another confession from me about make up: Shopping for make up at the mall can take a lot of time! Do you agree with me? 

If yes, than I have a solution for you! Just discover that Zalora Indonesia have a huge collection of make up to complete your collection! It's on the beauty section!
I can now feel relieved when my make up is running out because I can purchase it from Zalora anywhere at anytime. You should try to head over to Zalora Indonesia or simply click here to browse all of their make up collection with many popular brand!

Here are my daily make up essential that I wear almost everyday and thank God, I can find them on Zalora Indonesia!

Hope my daily make up essential suit you well and is it okay if I give you bonus? Yes? Okay, then here are selfie(s) of me wearing my make up :)

Have a nice day! XOXO

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