Sunday, September 21, 2014

Suit Up for Fall!

With Fall just around the corner, some of you might be wondering what should your boyfriend or best guy friend wear during the fall? The answer is SUIT UP for Fall!

Who can deny the harmony between autumn leaves and wool suits, tweed blazers or even tuxedos? They are unbelievably made for each other to go hand-in-hand with crisp fall weather. presents The Fall 2014 Men's Suit Collection inspired by the early British rock invasion style, before they were all glam rock stars. Mick Jagger before he went big played a major part in the inspiration, this was all when he was still a lad. Other bands in their early days played a major role as well such as Kinks, early Who, and Screaming Lord Sutch. made their signature Italian wool Foundation suit even better this fall with brand new fabrics and updated interior details, including a more ergonomic interior pocket so grabbing that business card will be easier and definitely smooth. A finely-tailored wool suit is warm on its own, but adding a topcoat into the mix can be done as well. All of the suits come in Standard and Slim fits, and Short, Regular and Tall sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your beloved ones.

I believe, the newest Tuxedo in Navy and Black would make the perfect look this Fall, too!
Head over to and grab the new fall Man's Suit Collection before they run out of stock.

Enjoy the Fall!

Fifi Kusuma

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