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Throwback to IFW 2014: APPMI New Member Fashion Parade

I know I'm such a lazy blogger and I lose count already how many times I abandon this blog or shall I call it my virtual diary. 
Still, I want to thank all of you who still bear with me and want to waste your precious time reading my blog. I have several questions from anonymous on my asking me when will I post a new article on my blog. Really, really, thank you for your support!

Here I present to you a report from Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 day 3 (Feb 22nd, 2014)! It's been a year I know. So, let's have a throwback since I didn't come to Indonesia Fashion Week 2015 because of my thesis journey :")

I got the chance to watch Zooming Preview: APPMI New Member Fashion Parade (Part Two) and watch various collection from amazing designers. APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia) is an association which where Indonesia's designers and fashion entrepreneurs gathered. Every year they choose young designers as the successor of the association and continue to contribute their talent as an effort to make Indonesia be the capital city of fashion.


Mariana Mariawan's collection truly represents the color of the earth, ranging from brown, red brick, nude, and broken white which are easy to combined with other colors.

Riani's collection show the art of color blocking in a unique way. Totally bring a fun and colorful atmosphere during the show!


What is not loving Inez Kantahuri's collection? The combination of modern design and traditional print are really impressive!


Aam Laurisha knows perfectly how to make a piece of elegant clothing for Muslim women. I believe you can't agree more with me, right?


Djuanita Seno Aji gives a modern touch to the ethnic patterned clothes. Personally, I love the gold and black dress so much!


Painting can be made into dress? Too cool to be true! Yogiswara Prajanti made it real with "Lukisan Semesta" collection.

The collection really show us how Yunita Puji Agustiani realizing her passion into fashion. From pastel outfit to elegant outfit, this collection will complement your day-to-night look.


 Korina Budiman's collection juggling the show into a playground! Pastel color's outfit really reminds me of lollypop. 


Anton L. Sunardi's collection dominated by elegant colors which is perfect for semi-formal to formal event.


Eleonora Shindy takes white color to another level! Who would have thought white dress can be really seducing?


Nelly Gunawan's collection showed the beauty of floral print. Somehow this collection reminds me of Chinese traditional clothes, Qi Pao (Cheongsam), which also often using floral print.


Restu Anggraini's collection showing us the art of mix and match three-tone colors outfit. The results are awesome, in my opinion. Before this show, I never believe that yellow and black are meant for each other.


Retty Selya's collection are mostly in black and white color which combined with several patterns. 
Love the simple and sleek cutting of this collection. The color represents the earth which combined into two-tone or three-tone pieces of clothing. Perfect for your tea time or coffee time with friends!


Here are my favorites from Khanaan Luqman Shamlan's collection. The earthy tone made the outfit look so feminine and elegant, which I think are perfect for formal event.


Alice Salindra knows best when it comes to make a gown which is playful and sexy at the same time. Definitely loving the wavy detail of the gown!


My favorite piece from Nisa Tesani must be the outerwear worn by model on the right. It looks like a cape at the same time which match the white pants and shirt inside perfectly!


Oh, how I love modern kebaya! Kebaya is one of the famous traditional clothes from Indonesia. The modern version presented by Nasaruddin is awesome in my opinion. The details of the lace are so lovely and my favorite one are the right one which looks like a one-shoulder type of kebaya. 


Euis Rohaini's collection also play a lot with traditional patterns which made into beautiful modern clothes. Again, the one on the right catch my heart at the first sight. Somehow, it looks like an Indonesian version of red riding hood outfit.


Gotta love the sleek and simple yet graceful design of Vivian Huberta's collection. The outwear worn by model on the right are amazing! 


Modern Moslem's wear by Dwi Adi Kusuma with color blocking theme are incredible with the touch of traditional patterns from tenun fabric.


The last collection was from one of the most well-known Indonesia's fashion designer named Ivan Gunawan. The intricate details of this collection really amazed me. Using gold color, Ivan Gunawan took elegant to another whole new level. I can say nothing but love.

Tell me which one is your favorite? Oh, and if you guys visited Indonesia Fashion Week 2015, kindly do share your experience with me in the comment section below :) I'd really love to hear your story because as I said earlier, I am busy with college thingy.
So, till the next post (hopefully, soon)!

See ya,

Fifi Kusuma

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