Friday, August 31, 2012

Lady Galaxy

"We welcome you aboard this flight is
Taking off enjoy your trip
 …Get ready"

Lady Galaxy - BoA

Hello guys!
It's been a long time (again).. I know, I know.
So, here is the new post of my outfit!
Well, just like the lyrics of BoA's song "Lady Galaxy", I'll take you on a trip to the galaxy world ;)

Talking about galaxy, it's been so popular these days. And I can't resist that I love galaxy print since the first time I saw it.
Therefore, I decided to have one in my wardrobe.
After browsing in the internet, I saw many types of galaxy print and also many colors.
When I saw, the green one, I immediately fell in love with it!

Galaxy Tank Top : Crayonmono Oh
Cross Legging : Pety Shop
Earring & Ring : La Dulce 
Shoes : June + Julia

The uniqueness of my galaxy tank top is that the back side is longer than the front side.
It's asymmetrical and made of chiffon material. It makes me feels comfortable when I wear it especially in a hot weather like Jakarta.

And for the accessories, I wear a ring and earring by La Dulce, an online shop founded by me and my friend, Jessica.
La Dulce is a brand new online shop that sells accessories with the Pre-Order system. Our collections consist of necklace, bracelet, earring, ring, belt, and many more.
Check out La Dulce's collections here. *click click*
PS: We are preparing our fifth collection =]

"We'll be landing shortly fasten your
Seat belt hope you fly with us again
 …Thank you"

'Till the next post, see you :)


  1. so pretty galaxy <3

  2. but sorry, i cant see you on my followers box >.<

    1. really? followed you already, when I read your blog, there is no 'join this site' anymore.

  3. You look awesomee! I love your top! I have leggins like yours :D
    See my blog and maybe we can follow each other, Chance to change

  4. you look badass!!! loving your whole look <33
    and lady galaxy is boa's old song right?? kinda miss her song right nowww :)

    1. thank you <3
      yes, it is and i miss her song too :)

  5. very chic and cool styling, dear !!
    you look gorgeous =)

    visit my fashion blog sometimes..
    there's giveaway open internationally right now !


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