Thursday, December 27, 2012

Autumn Wipe Out

It's too late to say this, but I really wanna say... 
Hope you guys had a joyful and holly Christmas :D ♥

Anyway, I believe some of you went for Christmas shopping to celebrate Christmas, right? I did too! Last week, on Saturday, December 22nd, I went for Christmas shopping with my friends. I went to Ninotchka, a cafe owned by Sonia Eryka. There was an event called, Autumn Wipe Out where fashion bloggers held a garage sale which sell their fashion items. Here's the cute banner!

taken from : Sonia Eryka's Blog. Check it out for more information about Autumn Wipe Out :)

Heavy rain couldn't stop me to shop that day. So, we decided to lunch at Mustache Me Cafe before shopping. The cafe filled with mustache-themed stuffs. The cute decoration successfully brighten up my mood even on a rainy day. And also they have delicious foods too!

Delicious lava cake, yummy!

After lunch, we headed to Ninotchka and met some fashion bloggers. They are so friendly and lovely! I got new fashion stuffs in affordable price. Totally had a fun shopping time :D
I can't wait for another wipe out next season, yeayy!

Clara Devi from LUCEDALE
Marcella Caroline from carolsletters

Anastasia Siantar from Brown Platform
Sonia Eryka from RIOUTOUS BELLE (in the middle)
Michelle - Me - Rebekha

See you on the next post :) 


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