Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy Holiday

The title of this post doesn't mean I'm enjoying my holiday right now. Actually, I've been back to college since end of August because I joined the new student orientation committee. When holidays were over, I've got mixed up feelings. Sad, because I have to dealing with assignments, papers, presentations, etc. etc. Happy, because finally I can meet my friends and I'm really excited about the new student orientation activities! By the time I write this post, I'm enjoying a day-off from college. So, I choose to spend some time to recall my sweet escape moments with my friends during holiday.

To spend our holiday from June 31st - July 2nd, we chose Bandung as the destination. What makes this journey special was that we went to Bandung by train. Yes, train. Call me tacky, but it was the first time I'm traveling by train in Indonesia for almost 20 years of my life. The train seat is very comfortable that I fell asleep along the way. The scenery is also very lovely that makes me "WOW"-ing and "AH"-ing, too enthralled by its beauty. I love my first experience traveling by train, maybe next time I should go with my family. 

Stephanie - Me - Emily - Michi

After nearly 3 hours on the train, we arrived in Bandung! We went straight to the hotel to put off our stuff and decided to have lunch at Kampung Daun Culture Gallery & Café. It's a café with a romantic village theme that surrounded by trees. We ate our lunch at a lodge near the waterfall. Nothing can be more pleasurable than eating lunch accompanied by beautiful scenery.


For dinner, we went to Suis Butcher Steak House. Two thumbs up for the delicious steak in an affordable price! And for the second round, we enjoyed our dessert at The Fabrik Eatery and Bar. It's a really nice place to hang out with friends. Also, it's located beside Widely Project, a store that sells fashion stuffs in many local designer's brands. Thought you guys might want to read a review about The Fabrik, you can read it here.


Our silly face! Priceless moment ♥

The second day we went to Wisata Alam Air Terjun Curug Cimahi. It's very cold there! We have to go far down to get closer to the waterfall. Much love for the view! After spending some time taking pictures at the waterfall, we went to Maja House Sugar & Cream. The restaurant have a rooftop space for guests and we definitely fall in love with the decoration, the view, and the atmosphere. The food we had for lunch contains a lot of cheese. Since I'm not a big fan of cheese, it was pretty good for me. Will come back next time to enjoy other meals and of course, the night view ;)

For the last night in Bandung, we give a try to Hummingbird Eatery (up) and Rocca & Company (down). The location of both places are adjacent at Progo Street, Bandung. Hummingbird inspired by a bird called hummingbird itself, in Indonesia usually called Kolibri. Since it was inspired by a bird, they have an outdoor place with a bird's nest shape. It's really cute, too bad I can't take a picture because the place was too crowded. We love the food but the waiters and waitresses are not very friendly, maybe because of the crowds. Well.. okay.


Next, we have a dessert at Rocca! We ordered hot chocolate also pizza with green tea ice cream and red bean sauce on top. Enjoying our last night in Bandung with heavy rain. So, hot and cold dessert are just perfect. Must try the pizza if you guys come to Rocca! Satisfaction guarantee from me :P 


  1. The place looks absolutely beautiful! It makes me want to go there!:D Your outfits are fabulous!:D will definitely be following!

    If you'd like to, check mine out as well?:)
    My ∞ Fashion Confession

  2. Lovely photos!

  3. You look had so much fun with your friends !

    Chic Swank


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